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Virgil  PC & Mac Repair, was founded in 1994 and incorporated in 1998 as a retail IT Break Fix solution provider for the community at large, Offering Computer and Mac Repair as well as Retail hardware and software product for sale. Virgil Technologies was created a short time thereafter and has emerged as a force in the local Hampton Roads area as a Small Enterprise IT solution provider for various industries and agencies including Nationally branded Restaurants, Mega Churches, Doctors, Lawyers , Construction Companies and Local Government Agencies. 

 We have established a reputation for high-quality service, Dedicated to the principles of continuous process improvement to reach our goal of complete customer satisfaction. Virgil Technologies can handle a wide range of IT needs, from Computer Service, Device Break Fix Solutions, Small Enterprise Core IT solutions including IT infrastructure Design & Implementation. As well as IT Maintenance and IT Management solutions.


Vision & Mission

 Virgil PC & Mac Repair - Our Vision is to be a well-managed company that strives to create a sustainable business model which can inspire future generations in a true sense , our goal is to provide reliable , efficient and forward thinking IT Solutions that not only solve problems but assist with moving our community forward with a sense of purpose and a lasting impact on the greater good.

Virgil Technologies Mission - is to achieve breakthrough results without compromising our core values. We will strive hard to provide reliable & cost effective solutions that produce a high level of customer experience, ultimately creating a lifelong partnership with every single customer

Our Vision & Mission in 4 words- " Service You Can Trust "

Virgil's Laptop & PC Repair


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